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Do you have what it takes to be a

Gateway Teardrops Adventure PROStaff member?

Gateway Teardrops products are no-nonsense, highly affordable, and very reliable. We don’t include a lot of things that drive up the price and create potential for breakdown. Our campers are built by hand in Conway, Arkansas, often incorporating details suggested by our customers. Our goal is to facilitate the big adventures that our customers want without becoming part of a nightmare scenario because something went wrong. We consider it a success when our camper shows up in the background on social media in a story about a fantastic weekend outing. We would like to build on that success by promoting our products more explicitly in those “fantastic weekend outing,” stories. We are looking for the right people to promote our brand across the mid-South and beyond.

Here are five different types of Adventurers that might fit:

a) Someone who already camps a LOT in a small camper or tent.   This candidate loves going to new campgrounds all across the mid-south area centered around Arkansas.

b) Someone who loves camping off-the-grid. This candidate sees the Ozark National Forest as their own personal playground and can’t wait to get away from civilization on a Friday afternoon.

c) Someone who travels long distances and sees no problem with grabbing a few zzzz’s in a Wal-Mart parking lot on their way to work, visit family, or some cool place a long distance away.

d) Someone who participates in complimentary activities like mountain biking, kayaking, trail running, fly fishing, photography, hunting or bird-watching. This person participates in activity-related groups and loves the idea of showing up to DO something and then take a nap or an overnight in a small camper. They don't camp because they love to camp.  They camp to ride, or photograph, or hunt, or fish, or whatever.

e) Someone who loves college football and loves to tailgate with their favorite team. This person has season tickets - preferably for the Arkansas Razorbacks - and loves to put on a spread at each home game. They are committed to making their tailgate setup the envy of all the other home team fans.  

These are five of the ways our campers get used and we would like to increase our exposure within each group. A successful Gateway Teardrops Adventure PROStaff member would have a very strong presence on Social Media. We want you posting about your adventures and how a Gateway Teardrops camper makes it better. Depending on your qualifications, we can work with you to obtain your own camper from us at a reduced price or we can work out a deal where you use our equipment for a period of time and then return it to us so that we can sell it as used.  If things go well we can upgrade your camper to our latest model and continue our adventure together.  

If you fit one of the profiles listed above or if your story is equally interesting, please contact us.  Our goal is to start this program in 2020 - we are just waiting to hear from you!

James Albritton


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